60 Wrd/Min Art Critic

"brainTrain" participated in Lori Waxman's project "60 Wrd/Min Art Critic" at Documenta(13) and received the following review:

"Everybody and their brother-in-law has posted a cute picture of their dog on the internet. The one Wilfried Krien found happened to have a particularly doleful expression, perhaps because the rubber chicken held in its paw was dead. Rubber chickens are like that. Krien took this photo, which is of no interest on its own, and paired it with the sound of a dog barking and the text of a poem he wrote. "Fleisch" is a brutal consideration of lust and longing, with all the tension between human body and edible body that the word implies. The combination of photograph, text and sound is an ongoing interest of Krien's and the subject of an extensive website he created called "Brain Train". More than any individual works here, what's worth noting is the openness of Krien's experimentation, which proceeds in various formats. In the aforementioned section, Krien pairs found internet photographs with poems and sounds to create dissonance. In another, he arranges artwork of his own creation, poems and sound, for harmony. And in a third, viewers select numbered images, texts and sounds, a process almost Cageian in its embrace of randomness. If it succeeds in making the dullest of pictures interesting - including a large number of mountain bikes - then Krien will have achieved a rare feat, along with his participants.

Lori Waxman 7/18/12 5:55 PM"

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